The World Cup!!! By Yasmin

Have you heard about the world cup? Well if you haven’t, where have you been? Because the world cup is absolutely amazing! If you didn’t know the world cup started with 32 countries but now there are only 4 countries left because we are the at the semi-final stage and that means that the teams that lost have to go home. After an emotional goodbye to poor old England I am now supporting the fantastic Netherlands. You are probably thinking why am I supporting the Netherlands? Well it because my family is from there as well as that I really like Robin Van Persie who is one of their best players. If you do know about cup can you please comment and tell who your favourite player is and which team you support and don’t forget to tell me why.
See you later everybody.


Loveable Loom Bands By Shfa

Hello everyone today I’m going to tell you about the most popular thing in school… loom bands! Do you like loom bands? I’m sure you do. Loom bands are so popular at Nelson Mandela School that every class you go in you’ll see hundreds of different types of loom band; like glow in the dark, changing colour ones, hair bands, bracelets, rings and necklaces’, the list goes on! You can buy loom bands from
any shop you go past and they’re only £1! Come on, don’t delay, start making some loveable loom band today!

Nelson Mandela School party! By Alishba

Hello everybody I’m here to talk to you about Nelson Mandela’s death that was on the 5th December last year. Before I tell you anything else we had an assembly that was amazing and a party that was incredible! When it was assembly time my friend Suaiba and I said a poem, imagining what it would be like being Nelson Mandela on his first day as a lawyer! Here is the poem:
We all know that racism is bad,
It makes our people really sad.
I must work to change our land,
I will give my people a hand.
Now I’ve got my job as a lawyer,
I’ll help everyone who is a pauper.
It is my job to help all black and white,
And show them what is right.
I need to stop laws that are wrong,
Fear is gone we are all strong.
I think I know how you feel after hearing that poem. It makes me really sad after reading it. Ok let’s not get emotional because the next part of the blog is awesome! It was the Nelson Mandela party and the food was SENSATIONAL!
I had two samosas, one kebab, two cakes and a drink that was so nice I drank it in one breath! WOW! Ok this is all for now. See you next week for another of Alishba’s blog!

My day at my eldest cousins house By shamima

On Tuesday the 10th of June I went to my eldest cousins house which is in Acocks Green, the most beautiful spot in Birmingham for me.
Living there, are two teenagers and one kid the eldest is a girl (Shumi) who is 17 and her birthday has already past on the 11th of June. She had her party on the Saturday after her birthday because she doesn’t like having a party on a school day. The second eldest is a boy (Shumon) who is 14 and his birthday is coming up on the 24th of June. The third eldest is another boy yuck! (Emon) I don’t even know when his birthday is!!
After we arrived on the 10th of June, unfortunately me and my Family had to go home because my little brother vomited and cried a lot. I thought an earthquake was happening because it was sooo loud! The next day we went to their house again but without my dad and my brother. First, once we arrived, my brother Emon wore the scariest mask on earth and scared me. I was so creeped out I didn’t go near him for 5 minutes!!!!
Next it was Piñata time and Emon went first. He didn’t even touched the horse so we booed him off the beautiful, blue, silver, glitter covered stage. Next was Shumon and he whipped the horse about 7 or 8 times but it still didn’t break.
Then it was the birthday girl’s turn and she whipped the horse 12 times and it still didn’t break!! Lastly was me, the legend, I hit it about 5 times and I whipped it extremely hard and what a surprise… it broke with a gigantic POP!
After that, it was birthday cake time but the cake was no ordinary cake, it was a strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cake which was glitter covered. Yes, I know what your thinking she loves glitter, she is a glitter lover and I cannot stop her. Why are we discussing about glitter? Back to Birthday cake time. Once we got the knife , Shumi asked me to cut the cake with her. We cut the cake and the cake was not that nice even birthday girl didn’t like it but we managed to get another cake and we loved it. Finally, we went home because it was late in the night and my whole family nearly feel asleep. See you soon on Shamima’s blogs

What Is A Friend? By Suaiba

Hi everybody, today I’m going to tell you what a friend is. I know you all have lots of friends but I’m just going to give you some advice of how to be a good friend to everyone. A good friend:
• Is kind to you
• Stands up for you
• Cares about you
• Never gets into a fight with you
• Cheers you up when you’re sad
• Is very special to you
• Understands your feelings
• Treats you how they want to be treated
Well I hope you enjoyed reading this blog but there’s more to come. Remember what I said about what a friend is and use that advice. Bye!!!

My Birthday!

Hello everybody Alishba here and I’m going to tell you all about my birthday! On the 14th of June I went to Hickory Dickory with my marvellous mom, amazing aunty, super sister, my two cool cousin sisters and my brilliant brother. I was so excited I couldn’t even choose what to go on first.
I decided to go on the blue slippery slide which is really long and I think it is the best thing there. After a few rides, which made me feel really tired because of all the walking up and down stairs, I went to the really bouncy trampolines that make you bounce as high as a kangaroo! What FUN… I have never been so happy in my whole entire life!!
Next, I went in the baby area and started to have a ball fight with my big brother. Even though I am not a baby I still had a wonderful time and of course I won the ball fight. My brother was buried in balls by the end!!
After that, I asked my mom if I could have some slush and she said NO which I thought was a shame. My mom said that we only have ten minutes left then we had to go home which made me a bit upset.

My favourite two movies part2

Hey everybody!!!! In part 1 I asked you to guess what my favourite 2 movies were and I gave you hints. Now I’m going to go over them again just so you remember. The first movie has a queen called Elsa, a princess called Anna and a funny snowman called Olaf. The next movie has little yellow men called minions and it also has a song in it called Happy by Pharell Williams. Now the moment has come. I will now proudly announce my two favourite movies. Da da da! The movies are Disneys very own Frozen and Despicable me 2!!! Well done winners for guessing the right movies. To be honest my hints were too easy for you clever people. Anyway please comment and tell me your favourite two movies and why they’re your favourite. Also I hope you enjoy year 4’s blogs and remember to comment. Bye!!!